As friends and teammates, we share a love of tennis – both the sport and the attire of 70s and 80s tennis icons. But we often wondered why it was difficult to find current tennis dresses that were sporty and classic – and better yet, could be worn on and off the court. After seasons of musing about starting our own line  of ladies’ tennis apparel that was attractive and functional – and captured the spirit and style of old-school tennis – our company was born.

We are thrilled to introduce our line of tennis and sporting attire that is modern with classic beautiful lines that moves gracefully from one activity to the next. Our collection includes many pieces that can be worn from the court to a meeting, school activity, or to the market. While the inspiration sprung from vintage tennis fashion, it evolved to modern fabrics and silhouettes, soft palettes and fun prints. Our first collection (Spring 2021) includes both tennis and golf attire as well as skirts, dresses and hoodies that compliment an active lifestyle.


Lara Evans and Kristin Nevins, the founders of club & court met though their daughters’ school, but bonded over tennis at Merion Cricket Club, famous for its grass courts that have seen some of tennis’s greatest grass court matches in the world, and that still maintains the tradition of all-white dress on the courts.