We are thrilled to launch Club & Court!

We are thrilled to launch Club & Court!

As friends and teammates, we share a love of tennis‚ both the sport and the attire of ’70s and 80’s tennis icons. (For the record, Kristin’s favorite is Chris Evert and Lara’s is THE Farrah Fawcett moment from 1972).  

Like many of you, we live in the juggle of work, family, and penciling in time to play the sports we love. When it came to styles that flattered and are functional AND captured the spirit and style of old-school tennis, we saw a need for improvement.  We decided to take a swing designing our first collection. 

We hope you’ll agree that we’ve created styles that move as gracefully on the court as they do do at the lunches, meetings, school activities, and other gatherings that we are sure to get back to in a matter of weeks.  

Speaking of, while designing our collection, we encountered many obstacles; the most challenging was undoubtedly starting a company in a global pandemic. Surprisingly, we found that the extra time allowed us to perfect the shapes of our styles, our signature fabrics, and colorways, making sure we executed our vision like the perfect tee-off from #1—with patience and precision. Undertaking such a creative process was also good for our minds and souls in an otherwise dark time. We are grateful that despite the challenges, our brand is now a reality—the inspiration of heritage style combined with the most modern fabrics and silhouettes, clean colors, and fun, preppy prints, with a shape and style for every age and body type. 

Club & Court’s first collection includes tennis and golf attire and “Après Styles” for both. Can’t wait to see you on the court!


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