Courtside Cocktails - Valentine's Edition!

Game, Set, we planned the perfect Valentine's Date Night for you and your Match!
Why not plan a date night on the tennis court and finish up with a Courtside Cocktail?
What to wear!? We've got that covered too!
 This recipe is fast and easy to make!
Start by adding four ounces of Prosecco, sparkling wine, or champagne to a flute glass.
Next, add the raspberry syrup to taste, about ½ to 1 ounce. One ounce makes a fairly sweet cocktail, while ½ to ¾ ounce is less sweet. When testing this recipe, I preferred less syrup, but some like it sweeter ... it's really a matter of your individual taste!
Garnish with three fresh raspberries. They look so pretty floating in the drink, and they taste delicious when you get to the bottom, too! 
Now that we have a spirit, let’s serve up some looks!  
Our Gigi Skort can look so sweet with the Farrah Sweater 
or look so comfy and chic with the Bespoke Hoodie!  
The Course Jacket - you can wear this over your tennis whites or even with a skirt, leggings or jeans! Our Floral Course Jacket is ON SALE!
Now you are ready to fall in LOVE with your MATCH this Valentine's Day!  
Lara and Kristin